At this school, Death is an extracurricular activity.

Katsumi Hikari Char01 description: a young girl who hangs out with her friends for fun. Though for now there's not much to say about her, but her eyes is what attracts a lot of attention due to their unnatural color.

Background: Her mother's an American and father is Japanese. Her mother came up to Japan for an assignment and fell in love with her father.

Born: Japan but raised in America, city and state n/a.

Lexis Di Volo Char02 A 16 year old girl who enjoys hanging out with her friends, going to cheerleading practices and muffins. Not being a morning person, muffins are her only fuel and without them she becomes cranky and as she puts it "Will destroy you all!".

Sugure Di Volo Char05 A 16 year old girl who enjoys hanging out with her friends and studying. She's the one out of the group who trys to get everyone to do their work before they have to go to work, only looking after their best interest.

Amber Brooke Char03 A 16 year old girl who enjoys hanging out with her friends and gardening. When her friends start fighting she's always the one to turn the conversation to a completely different topic and most of the time it works.

Angie Caitria ang A 16 year old girl who enjoys hanging out with her friends and volunteer work for the community. Quiet one of the group as well as the look out. She's also the one to rig up all the machanical equipment they have. Ex. The hidden clothing closet where they stash all of their stuff they don't need for school.

Michael "Mikey" Deshawn Photobucket An Algebra teacher, which was "suggested" by his boss for his curiosity of "what if I gave an eraser life?

Masato and Nick Hikari MasandNic Proud parents of Katsumi Hikaru. Both working at the department of death. Masato (left) is head of the department that they are sectioned in and Nick (right) is top Grim Reaper who handles the more grusome deaths. Hard to explain how two men were able to give birth with a child, but will be explained in later comics.

Walter Walter A floating head that works in the library where the books of each persons life is at. If angered sprouts bat wings and foams at the mouth and if in his happiest of moods or just needs to reach up in a high area has angel wings. Been looking for his body for a long time and never seems to find it, but knows its somewhere close by.