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Big Changes.

November 7th, 2008, 4:23 am

Hey everyone. I got a couple of new big things coming up.

First of all I'm sure you've noticed the bits of color showing up. I'm trying it out and see if that amount of color is good for now. I may do more in later chapters. I'll let you know.

Now first big change is im going to be updating more. With my newly available time I will be updating it twice a week now so I can bring you the comics more often.

Second big change is with what comes with available time comes with a price. I'm going to be starting a donation picture. Not only to help me out alittle, but so I can do more things with this comic and make it better and start the plans that I really want to do.

So for every person who donates will receive by e-mail a new drawn picture of which ever character(s) I choose. My minimum is one dollar....yes I said one dollar. When I hit my max of one hundred...yes I said one hundred, that's when I will send the picture out to all the people that have put in their donation.

Please help out, there is a lot of things I want to do, not just to make it better but to give back to the readers out there. The donation picture is located on the top of the site. It's a drawn picture of me leaning on a table. So please everyone, help a starving artist and a hungry webcomic out. Thank you

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